our Story Begins with. Dr.Cain ... In the year 21XX, during an excavation the famouse Dr.Cain found a capsule that was a mystery to them. Little did he know the capsule was containing Dr light's untimate robot Megaman X. This robot was different then others it had the ability to think and make choices for itself. Because of the Programming done by Dr light, x was Olmost human except for His bodyparts and the weapons he had.. after years of studying X Dr cain try to make reploids axactly as X but failed the reploids turn mavericks and started to hate the human race... thats when he realize that they had to be stop. He created The Maverick Hunter Agengy. the leader of the Maverick hunter was Sigma one of the stronges reploids.... but that was a big mistake.. sigma turn on the Agengy and started to become maverick him self... X fealt that he needed to do something about it, He join the "Maverick hunters" and starter to hunt sigma. during a confrontation with vile, he was about to be destroy until a Mistery red robot help him... that was the start of their friendship of zero and X............ And our story Zero's Life story. Zero started to helping zero in every misssion until he was destroy by vile while trying to save x. during that time x defeated the first sigma time past and he was back cousing havoc.X was dispatch once again to deal with the tread. while out mavericks invaded the maverick hunters Head Quarters and steal zero's part, so sigma could rebuilt him. X needed to recover all those parts back that was his second mission. after a intance battle X recover those parts and zero was reabuilt. Once again sigma was back.again but this time x had a friend and partner zero during the battles sigma was destroy. but something was wrong they defeated sigma and yet he keeps coming back why they wonder. sigma was a virus that was originaly from zero called the zero virus.. Other The zero Virus The Zero Virus which originated in Zero's DNA was somehow transfered to Sigma when Zero, and Sigma fought. The Zero virus which was the original virus was first introduced in Mega Man X5 when Sigma combined it, and the Colony Virus, in which to make the Zero Virus in a large scale. He did this to infect zero, and restore himself to normal. Zero Was affected Duirng That Time When he was lunch to Save the Colony During That time he was thought to have being destroy... But wasnt he came back but stronger that he was before. He was found by x and return to the maverick hunters. Rumors Of Zero Many People speculate About zero's past or where he came from.Well to my knowledge. He was created by Dr.willy To destroy Megaman In the past. But for some reason he was never activated Or was he. Well firts Of all We never knew how theseries ended, Well Atleast I dont. I dont know if He destroy megaman and Dr. Light had to create Megaman x. So in My opinion, Megaman was destroy by zero. So Light created X. Maybe to destroy zero you never know. So there. now If X was was created to destroy zero. He fail, but It wasnt his foult "ITS LIGHTS" foult For making him such a wuss, giving him The ability of a human. what was he thinking. Maybe he was on to much coffeine.Shoot I know I would. spending hours on something that was goin to be his poorlittle blue reploid feelings. The poor doctor Needed it. Now to another one does is protoman zero's Brotha !NO! Protoman was created by Dr.light and was umm Turn evil if thats what you wanna call it. so there zero and protoman are not brothers.